Two person
float and/or wade fishing trip
Full day $ 500.00
 10 Hours +
Half day $ 300.00  5 Hours

Full day float and wade trips  
include lunch and beverages. Your fishing gear is provided.
Fishermen must have appropriate clothing for time of year.
(waders,rain gear)
One third deposit required
to hold day/days. Thirty days cancellation notice.
If less than thirty days notice, deposit will be forfeited.
Expedition $ 3250.00
trip price includes two anglers
price does not include airfare

Five full days guided fishing on multiple rivers.
*Five nights hotel or bed and breakfast.
Breakfast, Lunch, Beverages and Snacks.
All necessary fishing equipment.
*All necessary transportation from/to airport.
Sunday night  to Thursday night

Example trip:
Fly into Casper, WY in June
fish the North Platte for two days
then fish the  Big Horn River in Thermopolis for three days.
Dry Fly - Sight Fishing - Blizzard Hatches
Yellow Sallies - Tricos - Caddis
Multiple Day Trips
price includes two anglers
Executive $ 4500.00
price includes two anglers
price does not include airfare

A limited seven day fishing trip during prime time.
Deluxe Accommodations included.
*All necessary transportation from/to airport.
*Six nights hotel/b&b and /or deluxe camping (optional).
Sunday night to Friday night
Fly In to local airport and fish the greatest rivers
at the very best times.

Example trip:
Fly in to Portland, OR / Seattle, WA  in September  
and catch 20 to 30lb Chinook Salmon.
Also take Steelhead to 18lbs on top water flies.
Sight fishing - Night fishing - Skating Dries - Wet Fly Swing
Wendy (my Aire raft) on a Washington River
F A Q's
Guided Fly Fishing
On the famous rivers of Washington and Wyoming
for Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout.
Specializing in Multiple Day Trips
Washington  253.209.9210
Nature's Drift
What can we expect on
a full day trip?
Full day trips include lunch
and beverages. All fishing
gear is provided. I like to
have multiple rods rigged
and ready for use with
different lines, flies etc.
Much like a bass anglers
have a bunch of rods ready
for different water types.
I'll have at least six rods
ready for action.
Full day trips last around ten
plus hours. On this trip it is
possible for double floats
(drifting the same water
twice) and some special
access areas.

How do you describe
your half day trips?
This trip is much like other
guides full day trips. It will
last around Five hours. A
great trip for any one who
likes to fish.
All fishing gear is provided
and a light snack and

What do I bring/need?
Layered clothing/waders/
and rain gear are the most
important things.
Summer Wash
Summer Wyo
Winter Wash

Where do I Fly into?
Do you pick me up at the
Angler covers transportation
to state that we will be
I.E.  Airfare
Fly into either Seattle,WA or
Portland, OR for multiple day
trips in Washington.
Casper, WY for multiple day
trips in Wyoming.
Yes, we can provide
transportation to/from airport
and all necessary
transportation in between.
Another option is a rental car
for anglers who want a little
more freedom.

What is an Explorer
The Explorer trip is a three
day guided fishing adventure
where the angler provides his
own transportation and
accommodations. Great trip
for local fishermen or out of
state anglers who want to
rent a car.
We provide all fishing gear
and meals while on boat.
You need the right clothing
for time of year and weather

Do you include meals on
your multiple day trips?
Your meals are provided
during your deluxe camping
. We will impress you
with delightful BBQ and cast
iron cooking.

Can you accommodate
groups are encouraged
to join us and experience
Nature's Drift.

Can you accommodate
three anglers?
We can accommodate
an odd number of anglers on
our trips. For a per person
rate on groups contact us.

What if the weather
doesn't cooperate?
There is always a back up
plan for when rivers go out of
shape. Being able to travel
to a another region helps cut
down on missed fishing days.
Lakes and the Puget Sound
always have something to

What is an Expedition
This is a  five days guided
fishing trip where we provide
accommodations and
transportation during your
stay. Great trip for father and
son or fishing buddies. We
will fish multiple rivers and
either camp or stay in a local
hotel near river system.
We provide hotel and  
deluxe camping equipment.
a lot of time spent fishing.
Relax in camp next to fire
and enjoy great meals on the
river. Meals provided during  
days at camp.
Cast iron cooking and BBQ
add to over all experience.

What is Deluxe
A deluxe camp consist
mostly of
Cabelas gear.
Alaskan guide model tents,
cots, sleeping bags, and all
the essentials needed to feel
comfortable and enjoy
nature.  Peaceful Camp
grounds have bathrooms and
hot showers. Camp with
Nature's Drift and learn how
to make your next camping
trip deluxe.

What if I cancel a trip?
These things happen.
Try to give as much notice
as possible and pay your
deposit with a check for full
refund. 100 % satisfaction
$ 25.00 Service charge on
credit card refunds.

What is your goal on
each trip?
To place the anglers on the
most productive water with
the proper flies and
technique. To have some

What do we have for
- Donuts, Juice
- Fruit tray, Juice
- Hot cereal, Juice

What do we have for
- Sandwiches, Mac Salad
- Chicken, Potato Salad
- Hot Soup, Sandwiches

What kind of snacks do
you provide?
Chips, Candy, Breakfast
bars, Granola bars, Cookies

What is an Executive
This is a seven day fishing
trip where we provide
accommodations and
transportation during your
stay. Great trip for fishing
buddies or husband and wife.
We provide  hotel/B&B and  
deluxe camping equipment.
Meals while camping are
More time on this trip gives it
a laid back relaxing feel.
Fish multiple rivers and enjoy
nature on this limited fishing
This trip is reserved for the
very best rivers at prime times
of the year. Only trip
available during certain
weeks. For more information
on exact dates you must
contact Todd.
Explorer $ 1250.00
price includes two anglers
Three full days guided fishing on the
river system of choice.
Breakfast, Lunch, Beverages and Snacks.
All necessary fishing equipment.
Accommodations not included.

Example trip:
Meet in Forks, WA in February
Fish the Quillayute system for three full days.
Anglers provide hotel stay and transportation.
Winter Run Steelhead
Summer Run Steelhead
Trophy Trout

April  - May
Winter Run Steelhead

January  - April  
Summer Run Steelhead

June  - July
July   - August
September  - October
Trophy Trout

April  - May