Todd Who?
A Cool Fall Day in Washington
Born in Tacoma Washington in 1978 Todd began fishing at an early age. Trout fishing
the yearly low land lake opener teaching the other kids how to cast, rigging, and baiting hooks . Trout fishing led
him into a self proclaimed bass master  by the age twelve.
By this time he had multiple water craft. A 12 ft. John boat, two man raft, and float tube.
He was able to fish nearly every weekend thanks to
family and friends  who didn't mind learning a thing or two from a kid and being out fished.
During the early 90's Todd worked on a commercial fishing vessel out of Neah Bay Washington
trolling for Salmon and bottom fishing for Sea Bass, Cod, and Halibuts.
Todd was the youngest fisherman working gear full time. Hand lining 50lb. Salmon on single barbless hooks and reeling in halibut from 500ft
of water. Todd was One of Washington's youngest High Liners.
Commercial fishing went downhill, so river fishing with flies was the next new challenge for this hardcore angler.
In 1997 Todd Graduated and went to work as a Carpenter. A great Career for one who likes to travel and fish.
Todd the Carpenter might be found framing, siding, or installing cabinets when the weather makes rivers unfishable.
Visiting family in Wyoming Todd found his second home, Thermopolis. This second home lets Todd get away from
combat fishing and traffic jams six months a year to trout fish the major tail waters that keep Wyoming famous.
Todd Hallingstad is a Professional Angler, Fly Tier, Guide, and Host.
Snake River Cutthroat - Wyoming
Nice Top Water Steelhead - Washington
Silver Salmon - Alaskan Peninsula
Located 80 miles south east of Cody Wyoming
in the
small town of Thermopolis Todd has been living and guiding for trophy trout for five years.
Todd is also an
enrolled member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe. The Wind River Reservation is located in
Wyoming and has great fishing possibilities. The
Wind River Canyon is one such fishery that is
Wyoming's best kept secret. Large Brown trout and light fishing pressure keep this Canyon rewarding and peaceful.
Once the river leaves the reservation it becomes the
Big Horn. The Wind River moutain range are the birthplace to the BH.
Not as
Famous or as crowded as the Big Horn in Montana its a great destination to
experience unequalled fly fishing.
Todd has been living and fishing in Washington for nearly all his life and
one of his
greatest passions are Steelhead fly fishing.
Washington has some of the
best steelhead fishing in the world.
challenge of reading new water ( rivers that change) and timing of the run (reading the weather)
keep the fire burning.
Developing new flies and techniques for different water types and river conditions
take a special a type of person.
Todd has a  
HUGE collection of steelhead and salmon flies. More than your local fly shop. From the
hair wings to bead head nymphs. Todd has it all wets and dries. Must see and fish with to appreciate.
Sight fish or Swing flies with Nature's drift.
has worked in Alaska guiding for Salmon and trout.
Don't let his
age or good looks fool you. Fishing for 25 years this Guys seen it all.
summers in Alaska to winters in Washington Todd knows how to catch fish but more importantly
Todd knows
how to keep fishing Fun. Fishing with Todd you will always be surprised with the attention to detail.
Extremely Organized and enthusiastic about fly fishing Todd can help with the ins and outs.
learning process that comes along with fishing is what makes it so rewarding.
Forget about the learning curve and the frustrations common to fly fishing.
Make your next trip a relaxing, rewarding, and  peaceful day with Nature's Drift.
Guided Fly Fishing
On the famous rivers of Washington and Wyoming
for Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout.
Specializing in Multiple Day Trips
Washington  253.209.9210
Nature's Drift
Todd Hallingstad
F A Q's
How many days a year
do you fish?
I average about 250 days a

Do you Spey fish?
I do spey fish where it
is necessary. This technique
should be part of every ones
arsenal. When dissecting
large rivers this style/type of
fishing is deadly. Cover  
more water accurately with
less effort catch more fish.

How long have you
been a fishing guide?
I've been a fly fishing guide
for six years.

How long have you
been tying flies?
I've been tying flies for over
fifteen years.

Whats your favorite
time of year?
I like to fish in the spring
and fall.  The Changing
season brings on The Bite.

Where do you like to
fish and for what
I like to fish any where for
Steelhead. June and
Septober being all time
favorite. Sight fishing for
Brown Trout also ranks tops
on my list.

How did you become a
fishing guide?
being a fishing
guide came naturally. Once
you have all the equipment  
and experience it just

Do you lake fish?
I like to lake fish. I fish
for trout and bass when
rivers are out of shape.
Washington has a couple
trophy trout lakes that
keeping fishing fun when all
else fails.

What is the Puget
The Puget Sound is a
saltwater fishery. This fishery
offers excellent sea run
cutthroat trout fishing as
well as salmon fishing year
round. Steelhead are also
available at certain times
before they enter there
home river. Catching
steelhead in salt water is
Awesome Stuff.

Do you catch steelhead
on dry flies?
During the summer it
is possible to raise steelhead
to dry flies. There is a peak
time of year for this type of
fishing and it is very short.
Skating and waking dry flies
for large wild steelhead is
absolutely awesome.
This is Todd's Speciality.
A must see to believe.

Whats the deal on night
To catch large numbers of
fish you must be fishing
when the fish are most
active. During the summer
months fish will move and
feed more during low light
conditions and at night.

How can you guide on
so many rivers?
I 'm Bad.
All the right stuff.
Experience say it all.
Understanding fish and their
habits are very important to
catching fish. Also being
able to Read Water
and fish that water type
correctly make Todd one
Bad A$$ Angler.
Having the right equipment
for type of fishing enables
Todd to always produce.

What lodge did you
work for in Alaska?
I worked at Becharof Lodge
located on Bristol Bay.

How many flies do you
Todd is a walking fly shop
and has around 10,000 flies.
80 guide boxes for
Washington's  salmon,
steelhead, and trout.
Todd also has around 50
boxes for Wyoming trout
fishing and 75 stock boxes.

What is a guide box?
This is the way I like to
Organize my boxes. A guide
box holds one pattern in all
my favorite color combos.
Some examples are Egg,
Caddis, Marabou, Stone fly
Shrimp, Tube, Spey, and
Egg Suckers.